BabyCord was designed so your child’s stem cells are processed and stored with confidence. Our dedicated core-facility for processing and storage was developed according to the European and American Technology.

Our 1100 sqm2 state-of-the art facility was built to ensure that valuable collected cord blood cells and tissue are processed with the latest technology available and stored under optimal safe conditions. Our facility is strategically located twenty minutes from city congestion and five minutes from the international airport.

Our building is constructed using reinforced steel and concrete, storage areas insulated with specialized bullet-proof glass and 0.5 meter concrete walls, automated backup generators, computer networking with remote location data record backup, and on-site and remote audio/video monitoring and recording. Such extraordinary precautions ensure protection against improbable earthquakes, fires, and flooding. Our facility is installed with a sophisticated 24-hour security system that includes motion detectors, automated rapid emergency and protection authority notification and deployment, and 24-hour on-duty guards allowing real-time visualization of the cord blood processing and the cryogenic storage laboratories. In addition to power protection by our large capacity backup generators, our 3,000-gallon gravity fed liquid nitrogen tanks maintain effective cryogenic storage indefinitely without the need for power.

The cryopreservation units can store over 3,000 blood units in tanks that maintain the industry’s longest available temperature preservation hold time after disconnection from the supply of liquid nitrogen.

Assuring Optimal Sample Preservation

Quality assurance of each sample is guaranteed from the moment we receive the sample for processing to cryogenic storage. Each cord blood unit is processed by a dedicated work station, optimizing the number of cells collected thus ensuring that potential use of the stored cells will yield the highest possible number of effectively viable cells during clinical application. Before storing each processed cord blood unit comprehensive testing is performed on each unit and the report sent to the parents as part of our quality assurance program.

When you use BabyCord banking services to store your baby’s cord blood, you gain the peace of mind that your child’s blood is being handled with utmost care.
Rest assured you will always be the sole owner of your baby’s stem cells.

Should you have to make the rare decision regarding the disposition of your stored cord blood, you can choose to discard them, donate them to a public bank or even have the samples returned to you. BabyCord will never retain your baby’s cells for any reason after you instruct us to cease storage and discard the cells. 

In order to guarantee quality assurance, each unit of cord blood is processed from start to finish at a single workstation. This ensures that your baby’s cells are handled with the utmost care thus eliminating any possibility of mislabeling or cross contamination.

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