Our Credibility

During each step associated with blood collection to final cryopreservation we assure the sample is handle and maintained with utmost care and best sample handling techniques.


To assure the optimal quantity of cord blood is collected, we have nurses available 24-hours a day that assists your physician with the collection process during delivery. Our nurses have several years of blood and tissue collection experience and


After each blood collection the blood bag and tubes are carefully and securely packaged in specialized padded boxes. Our dedicated transportation team is immediately notified top pick up the box where it is transported to our facility for processing.


Each blood sample is carefully handled by a dedicated lab technician with all procedures guided by a comprehensive set of standard operating procedure. The time from blood collection to processing is less than 1 hour to optimize the number of viable stem cell recovered.


Using the latest freezing methodology independently validated by our quality assurance team we aim to minimize cell damage related to cryopreservation. Stored samples are monitored around the clock by our experienced on-ground security and remote surveillance team.

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