World cord blood day

Raise awareness; Save lives 

People who are struggling with hematological disorders including leukemias, lymphomas myelomas or genetic disorders; thalassemia, sickle cell and others, are looking for a miracle which could be in front of their eyes but they can’t see because of lack of awareness . However, in World cord blood day, the hope is to safe all the underestimated cord blood units which are thrown away every day without knowing the value for these smart cells, also to let people who think that many disorders are incurable know that medicine is in progress and stem cell therapy goes rapidly from clinical trials to real life application.. 


What makes stem cells smart cells!

Stem cells, remarkably, have the ability to differentiate and compensate for any other type of cell. Which makes them desirable to be used as a repair and maintenance system for other body cells, blood and immune system. For a long time, doctors have looked for stem-cell rich and attainable resources until in 1988, things changed as the first successful cord blood transplant occurred as a treatment for a patient with Fanconi’s anemia.

Re-consider options! 

Stem cells treasure collection and storage in stem cell banks to save and later on use is an option all people need to consider, especially if there is family risk, they need to protect themselves and their child from. Noteworthy that more than five million units are worldwide banked so far and Over 40,000 UCB transplants have since been successfully performed worldwide for a wide variety of more than 80 diseases.